About/Contact - Ashraf Ahmed


My name is Ashraf Ahmed Habib an Egyptian living in Saudi Arabia, and I would like to welcome you to my website. I have worked as a 2D and 3D graphics designer, and a couple of years ago I expanded my work into the mesmerizing world of photography. When I started shooting I realized that I preferred landscapes, cityscapes and Black and White photos. I was able to see the world in a completely different perspective, and I try to reflect this into my work.

Similarly, time-lapse photography is also one of my major interests. There is nothing more beautiful than to see my photo come to life with motion. If we ever cross paths, you will see me spending hours, days and months trying to compile enough time-lapse shots to create a video, complete with music and creative directing. I can't portray my world in a better way than this.

I would like to thank you and welcome you again to my website.... and into my world.

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